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How to Play Pokémon go

In 1990 Pokémon comes in the form of video games, trading card game, and as a TV series. As we know that change is the fact of life and everything goes on changing as time passes, same is the case with Pokémon. With the introduction of iPhone and android, this game is come in the form of Pokémon go based on the use of phone GPS and camera.

In this creature with some special abilities and characteristics that players collect and battle against other Pokémon. For understanding the game completely and how to play Pokémon go, you need to check out the entire discussion and enjoy to play the game with your skills, which you get from here.

Basic Requirements to Understand

Before going to play Pokémon go you need to understand some of its basic requirements. The three main things are:

  • Game Map: Map of the game is based on the actual player’s surroundings. During playing the game the station or point where players find an item can be found at real world landmarks.
  • The appearance of Pokémon: You will find that different creature appears on different areas while playing the game. The Pokémon will appear on the map area and with having water-based abilities can be found near water bodies.
  • Poke balls: The players used Poke balls to throw over the Pokémon and try to capture it. The phone camera is used for showing the creature in the real world appearance.
  • Players: Try to collect Pokémon by improving their abilities using in-game items in order to battle other Pokémon players which can also be found at the real-world landmarks.


Steps of Playing Pokémon go by Using App

I am going to show you how to play Pokémon go on android and IPhone system. Follow these simple and effective tips for playing Pokémon go. In these simple steps, you will come to know that how to become a successful trainer of Pokémon go in few minutes.

  • From the home screen of your phone go to the app store, as iPhone and android have setup by default.


  • After opening the app store navigate to the search box and type “Pokémon go”. After writing the query click on the search box, and wait for the resulting list to be open.
  • A list of the available Pokémon go will appear on the screen, select the one according to your needs and requirements or click on the first tab.
  • Follow the installation step and wait for no more than 10 minutes for installing the app on your phone. A successful completion message appears on your screen when the installation incomplete.
  • Open the Pokémon go app, a pop-up window will appear show in the picture below, click on the allow option for accessing your location.


  • Start your game by catching Pokémon, you need to check the sidebar for Pokémon if it is grey mean that there is Pokémon.
  • You need to walk through the rustling grass in search of Pokémon. When you find out the Pokémon tab on it and catch it, it’s battle time starts now.
  • Wait for the right time when the ball is sits inside the capture Pokémon. The ball changes its size and colours, which depend on how it difficult to capture the Pokémon.


  • When you are ready then swipe the ball towards the Pokémon and catch it.
  • Follow the steps for catching more Pokémon.

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