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How to screenshot on Mac and iPhone

How to screenshot on Mac and iPhone

Nowadays the world is becoming closer and closer with the advent of modern technologies and the internet in the human life. Today we discuss how to take a screenshot on Mac and IPhone. One of the unique and ideal for showing other people of what is going on your computer and mobile phone.


You need a screenshot of your iPhone in the case of sharing some funny conversation with your friends and maybe the screenshot of the error occurring on your Mac operating system. Mac and IPhone offer simple methods of taking a screenshot to their users. If you are confusing in taking the screenshot of your Mac and IPhone, don’t be stressed you are at the right place follow the methods below for taking the screenshot.

Taking Screen Shot on Mac

The basics of taking a Mac screenshot are very simple:

  • Required Part Screen Image
    • For taking the required area screenshot this method is efficient and flexible.
    • The simple and efficient way of taking a screenshot on Mac system is the Mac screen grab shortcuts. Follow these simple steps for making your Mac screenshot.
    • From the keyboard press the Cmd + Shift button
    • After pressing the above shortcut key hold it and press the 4 button
    • Select the area which you want to make their screenshot i.e. drag cross-chair across the required area.
    • Leave the mouse pointer, a screenshot will appear on your screen in .png format file
    • The label of the screen shot shall be look like this: “[year]-[month]-[day] at [time]”,


  • Entire Screen Image
    • If you need the entire screen image of your Mac system, this method is very effective.
    • For making the entire screenshot of Mac screen hold down the Cmd + shift button
    • After holding the key press 3 buttons, the whole screenshot appears on your Mac screen in .png file format.
    • The name of the whole Mac screenshot shall look like this “screen-shot-date-time”.


Point to be noted

  • If you are working with more than one window screen, the different screen shot will appear.
  • For changing the image file extension, you need to open the image in Photoshop, and then save as in your required file format.

Taking Screen Shot on IPhone

For taking your favourite screen image on your IPhone follow these simple steps and share your interesting screen image with your friends and family.

  • Go to the required area or application you want to have an image.
  • After opening the required screen, you need to arrange everything exactly the way you want to have a resulting image will look like.
  • Press the Sleep/Wake button and hold it.
  • Hold the Sleep/Wake and click on the Home Button.
  • The camera image capture sound will be heard and the screen will be white flash.
  • This will save the screenshot on the ALL Photos directory album.
  • Navigate to the Home Screen of your IPhone and open the photos apps.
  • For searching your screenshot, you need to scroll down the button.
  • After finding the required screenshot image click on the image to view.



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