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How to Install App on Android Phones

Today life is impossible without smartphones if you are brand new in the world of smartphones, and not know how to install your favourite apps and games on your new smartphone. The app is the most important part of smartphone that is being slung around a bunch, but not getting a lot of information on what they are exactly and how to get them.

If you have your new smartphones and want to install important apps, but are getting confused from where to start, don’t get much stress you are at the right place, here in this article you will find the simple way of how to install the app on your smartphones. Check out all the steps for installing apps effectively.

Steps of Installing App on Smartphone

Play store is the best way of getting apps for your smartphones. Here in the play store, Google sells apps, along with other content like books and movies. Follow these steps for the apps installation:

  • Google Account: For accessing the play store you need Google account, if you have already all is well otherwise you need to make your Gmail id for getting apps from the play store.
  • Where is the Play Store: From the home screen of your smartphone go to the play store option and click on it a new window will open which show too many apps, you need to select the one or may be more according to your needs and requirements and also your favourite one.
  • Search for App: After going to the play store window navigate to the top of the screen and write the app name in the search bar and then tap on the search button.
  • Downloading App: The app start downloading when the search button is clicked. The download is complete in less time.
  • Installation of the App: When the downloading of your required app is complete, it’s time to install an app on the smartphone now. A series of step open you simply click on the applied button.


  • Where to Find My Installed Apps: Once you have complete your installation of the apps, now one questions arise in everyone’s mind that is where to find my apps? The answer to this question is simple, navigate to the home screen and look for the app name that you have installed in the previous steps when to find click on it and enjoy your app.


Remember these Things

The following points you must keep in mind before the installation of the app.

  • If your installed app is deleted mistakenly don’t worry, you can again download and install it by following the above steps for the app installation.
  • For purchasing app, if needed you need to provide credit card or other payment information though there are plenty of free options out there.
  • Amazon App store and the Humble Bundle are the other sources for Android apps, but at starting you need to stick to the Play Store for now.


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