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How to Rank an Android App in Play Store?

How to Rank an Android App in Play Store?

When it comes to development and programming, the technology whizzes kick off their development careers with android apps as compared to the iOS apps because these prove handy in earning something out of your efforts. The “make & and earn game” is a bit different and relies on your marketing efforts that you exert on ranking your android app in the play store. It all needs a good amount of efforts, a well-planned strategy and perfect execution of the plan. Here we will see what are the steps/tips involved in ranking an android app on the play store.

Android App Marketing Tricks and Tactics

All the steps and guidelines being discussed in the write-up are essential parts of the article and ranking strategy. Each of the parts should be given due consideration in order to get the desired results.

App Name

When the developers or marketers start thinking to develop an app, a thorough research should be conducted in order to come up with a perfect name that’s not more than 30 characters and the main keywords must be integrated into the title of the app. Choosing the app name and integration of short, long tail keywords is critically required for effective search ranking of your android app on the play store.

Keywords Game

SEO is the backbone of today’s online marketing and if you hire an expert internet marketer, he/she may take your android app to the next standard of ranking. The wise marketer will look into the market trends and select such keywords that are favorite and most searched. Integrating such keywords that are with demand will bring your app in the first search whenever a user tries to find it.

Market Competition

If you need to survive in the market, do give your competitors a fair respect and never ignore their products. Be unique, fussy and creative in developing your app. Two apps with the same name may spoil your ranking plans and I have experienced it when I was about to download an app and found multiple apps with the very name; I thus downloaded the wrong app.

Result Monitoring

This is a good way to keep eyes on your work, app and its publicity in the market. When results will be monitored, multiple negative points may appear and prompt attempts to remove bugs will go a long way in leaving your users to stick to it. This is simply not only a way to monitor results but you do take care of your current users and traffic as well.

Page Optimization

The word optimization here in the world of line business refer to the better performance of the page when a user searches your keywords and your page should appear first in the results if it’s properly marketed. Using screenshots to make your app look elegant and the addition of a promo video are necessary ingredients suggested by the SEO marketers for effective ranking of the app on play store.

Final Thoughts

The online search results are subjected to Google search tools and the algorithms employed for ranking. The better you invest in time, efforts, outsourcing the more you will get out of your product. Do use proper keywords, optimize your page, employ all marketing tools and give your best shots to bring your app on top in the search engine results.