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Cyber Security Threats in 2016

It’s time to look to the cyber security challenges in 2017 as 2016 comes to a close. After having a research I have gathered the puzzle pieces and mapped out what we believe the cyber threatscape will look like in 2016. A glimpse into the future of cyber security, the threats, solutions and ideas that will shape the coming year.

Beware and RansomWare

Prepare to be exploited. While 2015 has been dubbed “the year of the breach”, as cyber criminals increase the number of profitable cyber extortion attack, 2016 is shaping up to become “the year of ransomware”. Ransomware has proven to be an exceptionally lucrative business, as the locked-out users are often desperate enough to pay exorbitant ransom amounts in order to free their devices and data.

Mobile— Are you there?

From pop-ups, malicious mobile apps have been around since the launch of app markets. The rise in malicious apps, however, will be due to a combination of easy DIY tutorials and cheap entry to the market. Anybody can make an app these days, with hundreds of YouTube videos and online training courses teaching just that, launching an app has also become more affordable. You can now become an official IOS developed and submit your apps to Apple’s App store from just US$99 a year.

Cloud Data, What’s Goes Up

Whether you love it or are still confused by it, the cloud is a great tool for increasing collaboration and having access to your data the go. The industry is expected to grow by at least 18.4% next year, and with some cloud companies being valued at more than $16 billion  (Amazon web services), it is no wonder hackers what a piece of the pie. The problem with the cloud in that the policies has not caught up with the growth. The incredible amount of data floating around is often protected by minimal or faulty SSL encryption, add to that the issue of international server locations and legislation, and you should begin to question the safety of your data.

Rise in Cyber Security Spending

Companies will begin to take a greater interest in their IT security and invest more heavily in IT security services and certified professionals. Spending on IT security will reach $101 billion globally by 2018. This will be the result of added pressure from both customers and 3rd party partners. As companies and consumers stop ignoring the gaping holes in their security, they will take an active role in addressing these issues, and ask the same of the companies that they work with and purchase from.

IoT, Rise of that Drones?

There is no stopping progress, and while you don’t need to fear your WIFI enabled fridge, anything that can lock, monitor or has access to your private details can pose a threat. IoT hacks are the latest YouTube fad, with everything from baby monitors to kettles being cracked by curious tinkerers. Unfortunately, such skills are easily learnt and are often transferable to more sophisticated and critical devices such as UAVs and cars.

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