Why do hackers prefer Linux over Mac, Windows and other operating systems?

Hackers always preferred to the most portable targeted platform. Linux operating system platform is one of the best choices within enterprise environments and with the average consumer. There is four main reasons why hackers prefer to the Linux operating system over other, the reasons I am going to describe later in the article. Linux is the open source operating system and comes from its old version that is mentioned as UNIX.

The use of Linux operating system is increasing day by day due to of its benefits over another operating system.  No doubt that other operating systems are more friendly and easy as compared to Linux, but this OS has amazing special features that make it more dominating than others and hackers also fancies to use Linux instead of any other operating system like windows or Mac. Today I am going to show you why hackers prefer to use Linux operating system over others, Read the full article to know about it.

Command Line Interface VS Graphical User Interface

The design of Linux operating system is based on the highly integrated command line interface. The command line interface granted the users far greater access and control over their system, above and beyond customization. Beyond the window counterpart, many of the utilities built into Linux have greater functionality above. On the other hand, windows are based on Graphical User Interface (GUI). The GUI restrict its users to point-and-click navigation (slower) and application/system menu options for configuration. You do not need to have the complete functionality and integration compared with Linux such as the command prompt (NERFED since vista) and Power Shell.

Light and More Portable

Linux operating system is considered to be the more portable and light as compared to the other operating system. It is very easy and simple process for the hackers to developed customised and lives boot disks and drives from and Linux distribution that they want. Light on resources and the installation process is very simple, quick and easy. To memory, you need only thinking of the one program that lets you create Windows live disks and it wasn’t nearly as light or as quick to install.

Offer More Security

It is observed that Linux is generally more secure with respect to the other operating system. The reason why Linux is not profitable is the lack of its popularity amongst its average number of users and gaining more popularity among the programmers and hackers day by day.

Linux is Pretty Much Universal

Just about everything runs some form of UNIX (routers, web servers, etc.). Doesn’t it make sense that you would target those systems from a device running the same platform? After all, the goal is to make things easier on yourself. You don’t want to worry about compatibility problems.

Hackers Uses the Linux Operating System

A hacker is a code of line or a person who breaks into the computer network or standalone systems for the challenge of it or since they want to profit from their innate hacking capabilities. Hackers need an operating system where they test their skills and one who make them more secure to do their activities on it, so Linux will be the best choice.

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