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Google Releases a New Messaging App- Allo


Some time ago, Google took on Apple’s FaceTime by introducing its video call app Duo and now it’s all set to bring its messaging app Allo that will be competing WhatsApp. The reports and technology experts are of the opinion that Allo will replace WhatsApp as the new app has a number of new, amazing and latest features that WhatsApp lacks. If it happens, the world will have a new messaging app. What’s so special in this app, we have designed this write-up to cover some of the details about this app. Let’s explore!

Smart Reply

With help of Allo, you don’t need to type messages rather with the smart reply tool, the app when receives a message find and suggests the best possible replies. For example, if your mom asks you whether you are going for party tonight. Allow will ask you to reply in YES or NO. the smart reply features saves your time and saves you from the trouble of typing.

Chat Privacy

These days, one of the biggest concerns that most of the people have is they need privacy in every messaging app. None of the users wants any third party to intervene into their discussions and personal messages. Now with Allo, you can use incognito window feature to enjoy safe and comfortable chats that are secure with end to end encryption as does iPhone for its users when it comes to WhatsApp.

Google Assistant

Google has introduced its assistant that lets the users enjoy their conversations while doing a lot of tasks. In the event, you are in a group discussion and need to check the movies playing nearby. Simply add the assistant into your group chat and it will find you all the possible movies playing tonight. You can drop it into your messages and talk to your friends, dad, mom on text while having a dinner.

Multiple Stickers

Google has introduced more than 25 customary sticker packs that the users can send during their chats. The stickers were created with help of private artists and are a great fun to enjoy. Pressing the send button for more time will increase the size of the stickers in order to show more stress. Meanwhile, adding drawings and sketches on picture is also possible to gain attention of the receivers.


When Can I use Allo on my Phone?

Google will soon release it for android and iOS devices. It’s expected to be available for download sooner or later but according to some sources (TechJuice) the android users can download and enjoy Allow now. For iPhone users, yet the confirm new is being waited.

Installing and Setting Up Allo

Steps for installing Allow are as follows:

  • For android users, go to Play Store and search the app.
  • When it appears, click on the install button.
  • It will be installed soon and you will get a notification.

For Setting Up Allow, the guideline is given below:

  • After installing, it will require access to messages, photos and contacts. Access should be granted.
  • Enter your phone number where it asks and verify it with a code sent to your number.
  • Put your username and start enjoying Allo.