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Top 5 Reasons to Use Google’s Allo instead of WhatsApp

 Google  just introduced its unique and a wonderful messaging app- Allo. The app is being considered to be completely replacing WhatsApp and might have a tough contest with the popular messaging service. The app is compatible with android and iOS devices. Here we have collected some of the top reasons you should use Allow instead of WhatsApp. Let’s check.

Google Assistant

Many of us might know Siri feature of Apple for its iOS devices that does a lot of things when commanded like reading text messages, booking a ride, checking emails and calling a specific user. Allo integrates Google assistant and this is one of the top reasons many people will love using Allow instead of WhatsApp. You can do what you want with this app. From replying to text messages, calling a number when your both hands are busy and many more functionalities. Simply Google revamped the messaging service with this app.

Finding Hotels

You might often love eating out. If you are in a new place or you are vacations in a new country, you will definitely need to eat at some good place. Here comes the messaging app –Allow developed by Google for your help. Just let it find some good quality and nearby restaurants and it will bring the list in a while. You can specify your target restaurants and nearby eating places by telling it more directions like the cheap restaurants etc.


Incognito Window

On our laptops and computers, even in Safari, we use private windows for searching something. It’s done in order to hide the browsing history and the sites visited. In Allow, you can use incognito window for more secure and private chats. People often have reservations over the privacy of their messages and chats. Allo uses end to end encryption to protect your messages by letting you enjoy a complete guarded conversation.

Smart Reply

This is a feature that none of the apps have worked so far. Google brought this feature with name of Smart Reply as it replies automatically by asking you for confirmation. While in another feature of the messaging app, it automatically sends some photos, stickers and images for the response to the received messages.

Timer for Message Deletion

Interestingly the feature hails as the most awaited feature. You can now, with Allo, set a timer of your desired time to delete messages. As the time reaches, Allow will delete the messages. Even if you want it to delete messages once read, it will delete them as well.

Final Words

WhatsApp had hailed as a very convenient, useful and friendly messaging service and it has replaced Viber, WeChat, Google Hangouts and all others too. But this time Google worked on Allo after a careful consideration and brought all those features that WhatsApp lacks. The attributes listed above are ample reasons to show that why users will prefer it over WhatsApp. I think it’s time to hit our play and app stores for Allow and take a look at it.