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One of the fastest growing social media site network is the Facebook nowadays. The number of Facebook users are increasing thousands on the daily basis. Due to its vast number of users, it takes no effort to acknowledge its influence and any company will jump on the bandwagon to utilise Facebook because it allows them to boost their brands or products also at the same time engage with possible clients. Here is some of the tips and tricks which will help you in utilising your Facebook page.

Provide Relevantly and Enough Business Detail

Make sure you add enough contact detail to your Facebook header. You should at least include your company URL and email details. Local companies should also include their addresses and phone numbers. Essential information you need to mention on the business Facebook page are:

  • Name of the Company
  • Email of the Company
  • Website of the Company
  • Number of the Company
  • Address of the Company

Engage with your Audience

So you have a Facebook page, now what? Engage with your audience, share posts, ask them questions, run polls, competitions, let them know on the page. Interact and engage with them—they are your fans.

Use Visually Stimulating Images

It is no secret that Facebook users mostly like images. These are the most common threats when it comes to sharing, you need to use some stimulating and captivating images where you can. This will generate shares, like and comments. Something every business page wants.

Do Some Paid Advertising

Arguably the quickest ways to attract more likes to your business page is by using Facebook’s paid advertising service. You can set up a campaign in minutes, get approved and have liked coming to your page at very reasonable rates. Just watch your audience growing rates.

Make your Offer Shareable

Make sure your post has share appeal. Organic likes are great and often these will come from a post or picture that has been shared by others. Use captions like “please share if you agree”.

Share your Business Page

Share your business page through all your other channels, such as your Google+ page, your twitter profile page, your blog etc. Get it out everywhere you can. Put the URL on your business cards too.

Schedule your Posts

Use the scheduling tool to set up posts throughout different times of the day. Getting up to post an update to your audience in a different time zone is not really practical so this is where the scheduling tool comes in handy.

Learn about Insights

Take the time to learn about reach, likes, fans, unlike, impressions, page views, unique page views. Knowing your numbers will help you build a successful business Facebook page.

Offer Promotions and Discounts

Promotions, offers, sales, discount codes and competitions are a great way to get some interactions. People’s love deal and Facebook is a great way to get out the message about your offer.

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