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Allo’s Google Assistant – At Its Best Toda

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Google has recently introduced a new and trendy messaging named as Allo. The app has been believed to be a very useful one and may hail as the best competitor for WhatsApp, the world’s fastest and most convenient internet message service. There are many features in the new app like smart reply, stickers but our focus is on Google Assistant, the most entertaining and attractive feature of the new app. Let’s explore what you can with Google Assistant.

Google Assistant and its Features

First the readers should understand what Google Assistant actually is. You might have heard of Apple’s Siri that works when you speak but this feature is like your friend. The information and data you tell it, it will keep it until deleted or history is removed. It can remember your name, you birthday, you best friend name, can suggest you entertaining, funny and interesting things around the world. I am here sharing my personal experience with Google Assistant in form of its prominent functionalities.

General Use

As you start using it, a message pops up saying Hey I am your Google Assistant. I can do a lot of thing and asks you to turn on your location as many of its features are location based. It will provide all the relevant, accurate and web searched information For example, my younger cousin asked Google Assistant who was the prime minster of Pakistan in 2005 and the answer came Shaukat Aziz, absolutely the correct answer. It gives facts, statistics, fetches data from relevant websites, gives you entertainment and fun in the event you feel bored.


You can get subscriptions from your Google assistant on a daily basis. The subscription may be news, poems, quotes, headlines and other useful stuff. All it works is your interest based and depends on how you make it more productive and useful for your purposes.


Answers of what? You may ask it any sort of question around the world. If there is some specific answer it will provide that and in the otherwise cases it brings relevant web links where the users can go through and find the answers of their questions. From getting advice regarding tonight’s dinner to general knowledge, do a lot of things for your fun.


You can use multiple languages in Google Assistant at a time. If you have a sentence in some strange language or someone sends you a message in complex English, you can translate it into your desired language for better understanding. To me, it was a pretty well innovation by the internet giant Google.


Play games with your Google assistant and kill time in the best possible manners. It gives a choice for game selection and you can enjoy the games as long as you want. From taking a quiz to solving puzzles, it will be sharpening your IQ as well.

Fun, Weather, Actions and a Lot More

It’s of great fun, gives you weather updates, takes actions as per your choice, updates regarding latest news, spots the nearest restaurants and flights for you and much more things that we can just dream of. Indeed it works like a human and is a best buddy forever.