Incredible facts of 4G Technology you need to know before starting to use it

4G technology comes in 2000-2010 as a 4th generation mobile and cellular communication technology. It uses wireless internet terminology and based on IP. 4G is the latest technology in the networking infrastructure which is operates on the internet technology. 4G is the combination of other technologies like Wi-Fi and WIMIX and operate at a range of 100Mbps to 1Gbps of speed from cell-phone network to local WI-FI networks respectively. Figure below show the different evolution to 4G technology. Some of the brief descriptions of 4G technology are given below:

  • 4G is end to end technology and offer efficient and flexible services.
  • 4G is based on single standard and a combination of different other technologies like WIMAX and VIBRO etc.
  • Key components of 4G technologies are Single carrier FDMA, OFDMA, MC-CDMA, 802.16e and 802.20 standards, IPv6, SDR, MIMO and UMTS.


4G Working Principles

 Figure below shows the working principle of 4G technology. To use 4G technology the device must have address in the form IPv6.


 Basic Features of 4G

4th generation (4G) is the wireless technology of modern life which is evolved with the age of the internet. Some of the basic features of 4G are briefly describe here.

  • 4G as MAGIC: One of the basic features of 4G is that the MAGIC term is used for defining 4G in simple words which is given below. 4G is considered to be the magic in the world of internet.
    • Mobile Multimedia
    • Anytime Anywhere
    • Global Mobility Support
    • Integrated Wireless Solutions
    • Customized Personal Services
  • Interactive Multimedia: Support all type of broad band services, video streaming over the internet, and voice.
  • Working Infrastructure: Figure below shows the complete working infrastructure of 4G technologies with its different layers and all the devices have IPv6 address and also handle 3G and many other wireless terminologies. It supports ad-hoc and multi ad-hoc networking services.
  • Others Features
    • 4G offer low cost per bit with high speed and high capacity
    • Offer high bandwidths and heterogeneous with respect to network and terminal
    • 4G is User friendliness technology and offer a lot of advantages for its users and simple to operate


Issue Related with Privacy and Security

In the development of 4G network existing technology like Bluetooth, WIMAX etc. are used which are not highly secure technologies. 4G network is not safe because of the reusing of existing mechanism. Different IT departments are still working for finding its best solution and developing net technology or security program for 4G technology. All the organization which uses the 4G technology need to develop their own effective and secure tools for securing their 4G network from hackers and other security violation for transferring data.

Encryption and Decryption are not appropriate

Encryption and decryption techniques are not appropriate for 4G, that why for finding proper solution for the privacy and security issues two different methods are also used. In the first method the reusing security approaches are modify and make it appropriate for 4G network and in second method new lightweight mechanism are develop for making 4G network  more secure.



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