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Incredible Usage of Technology in the Medical Field: Tele-Cardiology

The latest practice used in the medical field for diagnosing and curing the heart diseases and its entire related problem is referred to as Tele-cardiology. In this technique telecommunications, sources are used for getting the remote treatment and diagnosis of diseases related to the heart.  The most common heart diseases which are treated through Tele-Cardiology are

  • Chronic and Acute
  • Arrhythmias
  • Congestive Cardiac Failure
  • Sudden Cardiac Failure

ECG Signals Transforming Methods

The methods of transforming electrocardiography (ECG) signal and echocardiography image are given below:

  • Transmission of ECG signal:
  • Noiseless Signals: Noiseless ECG signals are measured with the help of electrodes which also convert these noiseless signals into digital data by using Pulse Code Modulation (PCM).
  • Noisy Signals: Noisy ECG signal is produced by using the disposable electrodes. The Electrodes are connected with the help of standard chips. The noisy signals are passed through the transmitter.
  • Echocardiography Image Transmission
  • ISDN Method: The ISDN internet lines are used for the transmission of electrocardiography image over a 30.
  • 2-D Echocardiography: The other method of transforming echocardiography image is the 2-D echocardiography.

Tele-Cardiology is more Sustainable in Developed Countries

Starting a Tele-Cardiology is very expensive and advance. Tele-Cardiology is considered to be out of the hand of underdeveloped countries like Malaysia. The term Tele-Cardiology is more reliable and efficient for developed countries like the UK (United Kingdom) and USA (United State of America). As with the passage latest and expensive technologies related to the Tele- Cardiology which is easily affordable by developed countries. Real-time images and the signal need to be transmitted from one place to the other which required a very expensive ISDN line. The five main reasons that why Tele- Cardiology is more reliable and sustainable in developed countries are:

  • The most popular Affinity Health cardiology hospital based on the Tele-Cardiology is in the UK.
  • is one of the well-known UK sites where heart patient leaves their questions and get a positive response and treatment cure from the expert cardiologist.
  • The leading adopter and founder of Tele-cardiology are the North America.
  • The USA provides the first telemedicine.
  • Care Remote On-Demand Care system also shows that it is more reliable for developed countries.

Pros of Tele-Cardiology

Three main advantages of Tele-Cardiology are:

  • Pre-Hospital: Almost 57 out of 100 patients feel uncomfortable and intolerable to visit the doctor clinic or hospital. With the introduction of Tele-Cardiology, a strong communication is built among doctor and patient for maintaining devotion and ease of access without visiting the hospital.
  • Small Hospital: With the help of Tele-Cardiology specialist or doctor of small hospital contact with the specialist of the large hospital, and by following the instruction the patient treatment is performing. These entire cure instructions are transferred with the help of telecommunication sources such as a computer, images and video transferring.
  • Post-Hospital: Tele-Cardiology helps a lot and very useful by the patient who are not accessing the main hospital or in a case of emergency when there is no time to take the patient to the city hospital.

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