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Surprising Fact of what is Different between Bluetooth and other Cellular Technology: Bluetooth Security Mode

Low power radio waves are used for transmitting data over Bluetooth network. Frequency band for operating Bluetooth communication are in between from 2.45GHz to 2.480GHz.  FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) is used in Bluetooth technology which allows 1MHz of 79 different channels in the frequency band.  Maximum time slots hold for each channel is 625us.

Factor Affecting Bluetooth Frequency

  • The Bluetooth protocol use frequency band of 3.45GHz which is divided into 79 channels (each of its band) to reduce interference issues with other protocols.
  • ADH (Adaptive Frequency Hopping) is also used in Bluetooth which avoid interference by detecting existing signals in ISM band and create a channel among Bluetooth devices.

Security Mode of Bluetooth

Most of the system and devices which is used Bluetooth technology have many security issues. To over the security related issue there is four modes of Bluetooth security is used which are:

  • Mode 1 of Bluetooth Security: A non-secure mode and support up to 0 + EDR Bluetooth device and not beyond. Devices are connect without any security and hence liableto hacking.
  • Mode 2 of Bluetooth Security: A centralized security manager is used and it supports almost all types of Bluetooth devices.
  • Mode 3 of Bluetooth Security: Authentication and encryption method of security are used in this mode.

Bluetooth Security Threats

  • Blue Snarfing

This type of hacking occurs through Bluetooth connection and hacker access the phonebook, calendar, emails and text messages.

  • Blue Jacking

In this type of security issues hacker hack the data of the Bluetooth device by sending V-card via Bluetooth and occur at a distance of ten meters.

  • Blue Bugging

It allows hacker to use the device feature by remote access. This type of hacking occurs by sending text message or phone calls and some device have hacked the personal images and videos also.

 Different Between Bluetooth and 3G

Bluetooth and 3G cellular both are wireless technologies. The main difference between them in term of range, frequency and some other characteristics are given in table below.

Characteristics   3G Cellular   Bluetooth
Frequency   2.4 GHz   Between 2.4GHz to 2.5 GHz
Range   10 Meters   100 Meters
Data Transfer Rate   800 kbps   11Mbps
Main Devices   Office and industrials automation devices, mobile phones, electronic consumers   Servers, desktop computer, notebook computers
Primary Users   Electronic consumer, industrial workers and offices   Businesses, corporate offices
Data Consumption Relatively Low   Medium


Different Between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (802. 11g) 

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (802. 11g)   both are data transfer technologies but they have some main differences in their range, frequency and data rates which is briefly described below.

  • Bluetooth is the technology for transferring data between two devices at a range of 10 m where Wi-Fi (802. 11g) is also used for transferring data between different devices at a range of 100m.
  • The frequency band for Bluetooth is 2.45GHz where for Wi-Fi (802. 11g).

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