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Android vs iOS, Which is Better? – Top 5 Reasons

World’s first smartphone was believed to be android operating system based. Android is a versatile OS that most of the cell phone companies are acquiring nowadays except Apple. Apple introduced its first ever iPhone in 2007 and all of its models have their own operating system known as iOS. There has been a lot of debate on which of the two is better, either android phones or iPhone? Here in this write-up, we will compare the two in form of features and attributes.

First it needs to be cleared that Android is an operating system while iPhone is a complete smart phone with a unique OS. So comparing android with iPhone makes no sense rather Android must be put into comparison scale with Apple’s iOS.

Choice and Diversity

When it comes to choice and picking a number of phones, android is the best platform. Except iPhone all the smart phones work on android operating system. Samsung, Q Mobile, LG, Lenovo and a number of other brands are in the market and the users have a wide range of choice to select their devices but with iOS their choice is restricted only to iPhones.

Automation and Customization

Android is best popular for automation and customization but iOS is good when it’s all about security, comfort and high quality device. The ability in android OS to launch multiple launchers for customization of home screen and using different setting options to automate your device make it more popular than iOS devices. This is not possible in iOS devices without jailbreak.

Controlling Your Android Phone

On iPhone, the data exchange is only possible with iTunes and a person with no familiarization with complex operating systems will hate iOS.  In android phones, you can easily share stuff from one device to the other and through computers while iPhone needs to have iTunes and follow the strict procedure to transfer files into your device. Moreover, the iCloud matter makes iOS more complex than android and the ordinary users will never like iPhone.

Prices and Affordability

This is one of the most compelling factors people love buying android phones. Price is a matter of fact in most of the countries and when it’s in a poor country that bothers spending thousands on iPhone. There is a wide range of price in android phones while iPhones come every year with a fixed price tag and the users have no other choice but to pay huge amounts for their brands.

Free Apps and Games

On android you can enjoy free apps on the play store. A lot of developers have their apps that the users can use in free while on App Store, you are required to pay for some of the good apps. This way, thousands of entertaining games attract the android users as well.

Thus android has a lot of benefits over iOS. Battery performance, customization, app protection, lower prices, more widgets and apps and diversity in devices are the top reasons that make android to become a better choice than iOS.