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Google Tourist Trip App is a Smart Assistant for your Vacation

Is the of your vacation start, and you are planning to have a long trip with your family, friends or you are planning your first trip away from home you are surprised when come to know that Google now offers travel app for you through which you can easily find the best flight, learn a new language, or get the best information about your desired destination. For more information about Google, travel app continues reading.

I am going to share my personal experience with this app as I have arranged my tour by using the Google Trips app, and enjoy a lot as this app make my vacation trip very easy and simple to me.

Best Google Travel Apps

One of the best and mostly used Google travel app is “Trips”. You will easily find this free app on IOS, and Android play store. The best and the foremost benefit of this app is that it can work offline, you need to simply download all the requirements i.e. maps, and walking directions sparing you from having to use an expensive international data plan. This app is very effective you can do everything by using this app such as:

  • Plan your trip means it serves as a trip planner
  • If you are arranging a tour to a new place Trips app will be a travel guide for you
  • Organize plane tickets and hotel reservations in an effective way

Main Information of Google Trips

The first and foremost view Google Trips is that it contain the whole information of upcoming and past travels. User can easily add their own travels by using FAB at the bottom right corner but on the other hand Trips are added automatically by scanning Gmail messages. When you tapped on the destination it will a list of section containing the info:

  • Reservations
  • Things to do
  • Saved places
  • Food & drink
  • Getting around
  • And other information that you need to know

My Trip to London this summer

My Trip to London this summer was really amazing and joyful and all the credit of making my trips so enjoy full goes to the Google Trips app. I was taken my vacation to London this summer and I wish Trips had been around when I did. My flight and hotel information was scattered across emails, Evernote documents, and Trello cards; my list of sights to see sprawled from Google Docs to Gogobot and back. From the modern British Museum to the traditional National Gallery i had enjoyed my whole trip very much. The British Museum is the clear cut picture of the works of man from prehistoric to modern times, from around the world. The National gallery is the collection of artwork of western European paintings from the 13th to the 19th centuries and onwards. The crowning glory of Trafalgar, London National Gallery considered work by master i.e. Van Gogh, Botticelli, Renoir, Titian, da Vinci, Constable and Stubbs.


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