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Is that true the Apple edges out Google as the world’s most valuable brand for the fourth consecutive year?


With the introduction of smartphone in this modern and technological world, the trend of iPhone has been criticized for looking overly similar to last year’s model (and having no 3.5mm headphone jack), and analysts predict it will sell fewer smartwatches this year than in 2015. But despite all of these similarities, and problems in the consecutive version of iPhone, Apple is considered the most valuable and popular brand in the world forever and may be or not for the fourth upcoming consecutive year.

Here in this article you will find some of the reason that why Apple is the most valuable and popular brand in the world. Take a look and keep yourself update with the latest news about Apple.

Interbrand Frim Consultancy

By interbrand firm consultancy firm Apple is the number one mobile brand in the whole world with valuation of $178.2 billion, in which there is an increment of 5% is add every year. One of the well-known brand over the Google is the Rival Google sits behind the Cupertino Company with a brand valuation of $133.2 billion, eleven percent higher than in 2015.

Money Making Machine

Apple brand is considered the money making machine for its company. It earn more than the company expected ever. Recently the counted profit revenue of $74.6 billion and a mind-blowing $18 billion in profits for a single quarter, which is one of the best revenue for any company ever. If you compare it to the other branded you will find an astonishing difference among its popularity and profit range.

The iPhone is the big money maker ever from the last few years and for the up four year consecutive.  You will amazed when come to know that Apple by itself earned 93% of all smartphone handset profits in the fourth quarter.

Top Branded of the Google

Here I going to list out some of the tip most rated and profitable brand of Google from last few years, from which you know that Google number brand is the Apple which beat the other brand with the largest value.

  • Apple, $246bn, up 67%
  • Google, $173.6bn, up 9%
  • Microsoft, $115bn, up 28%
  • IBM, $93.9bn, down 13%
  • Visa, $91.9bn, up 16%
  • AT&T, $89.4bn, up 15%
  • Verizon, $86bn, up 36%
  • Coca Cola, $83.8bn, up 4%
  • McDonald’s, $81bn, down 5%
  • Marlboro, $80bn, up 19%

Solve the Problem of Phone Theft

Apple introduce an amazing app for solving all the problem related to the phone theft. You are surprised when come to know that with the Activation Lock toll of Apple the rate of theft the iPhone are down to 50% from the 85% of its annual rate. So don’t worry at the time of buying the latest version of Apple iPhone as the company solve the problem of stooling your phone, in case if some theft stole your phone and you are using the lock toll, you will be able to recover your phone at any location.


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