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Let us Know about the Feature and Application of WiMAX Technology in the Wireless Field

IEEE 802.16 based technology which enables the use of wireless broadband access as an alternative to DSL and cable is referred to as WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access). Principals of the spectrum, internetworking, topology, mobility management and IP connectivity are used for the designing of WiMAX.

Basic features of WiMAX

WiMAX is one of the latest and updated solutions in the field of wireless broadband that offer the flexible and efficient feature. Some of the main features of the WiMAX technology is given below:

  • Providing Wireless Services: The two types of wireless services offer by WiMAX are the Non-line-of-sight (in this type of service a small antenna is integrated with your computer which is then connected to the WiMAX tower and frequency range which is used in this connection is up to 2GHz—11GHz) and Line-of-sight (in this type of service fixed dish antenna technology is used which is keep at the top places in straight line to the WiMAX tower).
  • Physical Layer Based on OFDM: PHY which is also called as WiMAX physical layer, and uses the OFDM multiplexing operation for achieving the services of WiMAX technology in the case of NLOS.
  • WiMAX Data Rate: WiMAX is able to support the data at a very high rate. The data rate can be high up to 70Mbps-to-74Mbps. WiMAX offers scalable bandwidth architecture.

Amazing operation of WiMAX

Simple and important operations of WiMAX technology are given below here;

  • Used Spectrum: WiMAX operations are able to achieve with the help unlicensed and licensed channel of spectra.
  • Topology in Use: Topology is just like a language which is used by the communicating devices. Different networking technology is based on different topology. WiMAX technology only supports the RAN (Radio Access Network) topology.
  • Internetworking: With the help of RAN topology the services of WiMAX are configured with the WIFI in order to achieve its working aspect.
  • IP Support: WiMAX-based devices only support IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
  • Stations: For completing the operation of WiMAX you must need a WiMAX tower, receiver/subscriber devices, base station, and subscriber station.
  • Frequency: OFDM based frequency modulation is used by the WiMAX technology.
  • Figure 1.3 shows the complete working procedure of WiMAX technology.

Unbelievable applications of WiMAX

There are lots of applications provided by WiMAX technology but here I am going to discuss some the basic application of WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access).

  • One of the biggest applications of WiMAX is in the field of SMBs (small to medium-sized businesses. With the introducing of WiMAX technology, the progressing level of small business are going to be increasing day by day. Offer WIFI hotspot services to small businesses.
  • Another application of WiMAX is the Nomadic Broadband. WiMAX provides quality services to the companies which pay for the base station of WIMAX. These companies used WiMAX in order to achieve a high level of succession in the field of commerce and gain confident over their client’s satisfaction.

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